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Individual training consists of 1 player and 1 coach. These sessions will be designed on an individual basis to help each specific player improve their weaknesses and perfect their strengths.



Basketball Camps/Clinics will be available for all age groups. The camps/clincs will offer fundamental instruction, fun/competitive games, and scrimmaging. 


June 18th-22nd  12:30pm-4:00pm

July 2nd-6th  12:30pm-4:00pm (The 4th of July there will be NO camps on this holiday)

July 8th-14th  12:30pm-4:00pm



Speed and agility training is crucial for basketball to improve footwork skills as well as improve cardiorespiratory stamina. Speed and agility training is also key in decreasing injury for basketball players.



Team training is for any team that would like for Dee Davis to run a practice or clinic teaching some of the best drills and concepts they have learned from her coaches and teams during her career in the States and Europe. Whether it's a school team or recreational team, Dee has the knowledge and experience to make your team better.


Group training consists of 2-6 players and 1 coach. These sessions will not only allow your child to work on fundamentals, but also provide a chance to compete against other players. Along with drills, small group training will typically include competitive games of 1 on 1, 2 on 2, and/or 3 on 3.

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